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Bridging Differences Negotiations offers negotiation trainings, coaching, consulting and presentations.

Negotiating is my DNA

Negotiating contracts is my business for over 30 years. Sharing my knowledge gives me inspiration and that will inspire you. During my extensive international procurement career I have been negotiating deals in a wide variety of organizations and industries.  In my current work as senior negotiator in Maersk I lead deal making teams across the globe to success. I continuously learn and enrich the content of the negotiation training and coaching program. 

Camille Kleijn
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Would you like to professionalize the negotiating skills of your employees?
I offer two training programs, which can be tailored to your specific needs: a 3- day intensive training and a one-day workshop. Both these programs are built around a combination of theory, linked to a practical explanation, case studies plus actual script-based negotiation exercises where participants get to practice, observe, and receive extensive feedback.

1-day workshop 

This workshop is suitable for commercial staff who are new to negotiations or staff who do not negotiate very regularly. Click for more info. 

3-day intensive training 

This training is suitable for commercial staff who negotiate regularly in their professional environment and have experience in commercial negotiations for 2+ years. Click for more info.

Thorough preparation

To get the best outcome of your investment in training, I need an in-depth understanding of your company’s needs. Through targeted intake interviews, I will learn about your company’s current way of working, business contact and commercial positioning and key challenges. We will assess the gaps and development needs with each participant. With that information we are better equipped to tailor the training not only to the needs of the company, but equally important the needs of each individual participant.

Negotiating is art

I genuine believe that negotiations is art. The art will improve by practice. I advocate that the art is the same irrespective of the circumstances and industry specifics. Therefore, I use generic cases rather than company and industry specific case studies. Furthermore, the carefully selected cases match the learning curve of the training program.

Laboratory setting

The training is – in what we consider – a laboratory setting. The best learning is achieved by trial and error in a safe environment, where it is perfectly fine to experiment and make mistakes. This encourages participants to practice the learnings hands-on. The feedback to the participant is brutally honest. The feedback to the company will only be in general terms and not contain information regarding a specific individual, unless a participant demonstrates behaviour that goes against the code of conduct of the company.


Would you like a coach for your negotiating team?
My coaching is not a PowerPoint based high level blueprint but a hands-on, no-nonsense support for your procurement team on what to change and how to implement the change for maximum sustainable success.

I help teams achieve the best negotiation outcomes. Throughout my career I have helped commercial teams become successful dealmakers. I provide revealing insights by role play and the use of game theory and by challenging the conventional thought process and, finally, by providing the outside-in view. 

With this support the commercial team will gain confidence and experience to face the toughest and most difficult negotiations with a better outcome for your organization.

Each organization and each individual is unique and will require a tailor made solution to success, which BD Negotiations is well suited to provide. 


Would you like to professionalize the procurement function of the company?
I have initiated and led many impactful restructuring and professionalisation programs of the procurement function for several mid-sized and large organisations. I am well versed in assessing how procurement needs to be resourced and structured to best meet your organizational goals and designing and implementing organizational restructuring programs.