About me

Working for Maersk as a senior negotiator I specialize in strategic negotiations for high value service contracts and complex negotiations. I have negotiated contracts for Oil and Gas exploration equipment, airplanes, railroads, port construction, government concessions and settlements of claims. Many of these negotiations are values of hundreds of millions of US$.

Carbon Neutral Project

Presently I am actively involved in Maersk’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040. For that commitment I negotiate contracts to produce and source bio-methanol. A product that does not have a large-scale production yet and for which no contract nor infrastructure exist to date. My negotiations are all over the world and involve a different team and set of stakeholders every time. 

Camille Kleijn
Photo by Maria van Dort Photography

Commodity Trade

My professional career started in 1987 with a family-owned company in The Netherlands active in the trade and production of snack foods, particularly nuts and dried fruits. As the end responsible for all procurement activities, which in today’s terminology would be CPO, I learned first-hand the ins and outs of commodity trade on a global scale. 

Managing a team of people who traded on day-to-day basis, ensured that all goods and services needed in a production environment were available. Managing procurement projects for capital investments were part of my responsibility as well.

In these years I traveled to many places around the world, often off the beaten tracks to procure nuts and dried fruits. I negotiated with famers, middlemen and multinationals on the commodities, transportation and storage of these products.

Here I learned about cultural differences, what drives and motivates various parties in a value chain, risk and exposure, law and arbitration to name a few.

Telecommunications projects

In the early 2000’s I challenged myself by making a move to entirely different industry, telecommunications. Away from nuts and dried fruits I needed to learn about software and computers. I managed complex sourcing projects to procure a range of different products such as building maintenance, catering and cleaning, safety equipment. Although these are vastly different from my previous experience in nuts and dried fruits, I came to understand the similarities in the process of procuring and negotiation between all these different goods and services.

Switch to Maersk

After a few years I realized that I missed the international environment and that I wanted a more tangible product. Bits and bytes of telecommunication had none of that. In 2004 I joined P&O Nedlloyd which shortly after that was bought by Maersk. Since then, I fulfilled different roles in the Maersk company.


For more information I direct you to my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/camille-kleijn-aaa1b327/.